Some of the Earth's greatest secrets are tucked back off the main roads. Places that are overlooked as you pass by unexpectedly. When you find one of these places sometimes it's best to stop for a minute, take a deep breath and realize how special the place is. That's how we feel about Pikeville, TN, many of us never left and I'm sure you'll see why.

Thank you for visiting The City of Pikeville. 


Please take a minute and look around the site and settle in. If you have any general questions please visit the contact page with information on how you can reach us here at City Hall or just drop us a line if you've passed through. 

Check out some of the places unique only to
 Pikeville, TN

Starling Cafe

A staple of the downtown area. Their down home cooking and atmosphere is place that everyone stopping through needs to visit. Whether getting a cup of coffee or a burger, we are proud to call The Starling Cafe ours


Revitalized Pikeville Farmer's Market

Located downtown, the farmer's market is a spring and summer time favorite. Updated pictures coming soon.

Bledsoe County Veterans Park

Being built to honor the Veterans of Bledsoe County, The Veterans Park is going to be focal point of the downtown area.
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